Byrd involvement needed at ECMS

Published 12:53 pm Wednesday, March 31, 2010

By By Adam Prestridge
My column last week regarding the principal situation at Escambia County High School has created a lot of buzz.
I’ve been approached all over town in support of my opinion that current Escambia County Middle School Principal Zickeyous Byrd is the best candidate for the vacant principal’s job. Most had some concerns, but one continually came up in conversation.
Although my opinion has created some talk around town, not everyone agrees with me. At least, when it comes to one issue: What happens to the middle school should Byrd spread his wings and take on another challenge?
Well the answer is simple: Byrd should be the immediate supervisor of whoever takes in his place at ECMS. That way, he is still directly involved with the everyday functions of the school.
With that said, Byrd would not be the principal of both schools, just the go-to guy for the person taking over a school, which I believe has been turned around for the better by Byrd’s plan he came to Escambia County looking to implement.
That’s exactly what Escambia County High School needs, a person who comes in with a plan, executes that plan from day one, sticks to that plan throughout his or her tenure and has the guts to have people disagree with them. It is very uncommon to have one single person that possesses all of these traits. Zickeyous Byrd is one of those lucky people that was blessed with all of these traits and he uses them to help better the youth he works with day in and day out.
I know that the parents of students attending the middle school and those that are preparing to send their children to the school fear the day Byrd leaves the school, if he ever decided to, but you can’t hold someone back who has the ability to change the lives of so many with the knowledge and know-how in education as he does.
Working with Byrd over the years, I have witnessed him take on many challenges and overcome them all. It was not always easy, but he overcame them with hard work, dedication and drive. Some people are just driven by challenges and Byrd is one of those people.
Again, this is just my opinion of the situation, which can be taken with grain of salt, but what does the town have to lose. When it comes to ECHS principals, it has become a revolving door.
Stability is what is needed.
Adam Prestridge is publisher of the Atmore Advance. He can be reached at 368-2123.

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