Devils prep for Robertsdale

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Escambia County Blue Devils take on the Robertsdale Bears Friday night at 7 p.m. in Robertsdale. | Photo by Chandler Myers

Friday will give Escambia County Blue Devils’ fans the chance to see what the football team has been doing since head coach Mark Heaton’s first spring practice began on May 3.

The Blue Devils travel down Hwy. 59 to Robertsdale to take on the Robertsdale Bears led by their head coach Scott Phelps.

In preparation for the game, Heaton’s Blue Devils have been working to learn a few set plays on offense and defense in order to be ready to compete.

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Heaton said the players have been picking up the plays with ease.

“We are just trying to work in some basic stuff, so the guys can get out on the field and compete,” Heaton said. “We are limiting what we do right now though, so we can be successful with the things that they have learned during spring practice. They are adapting really well, and I’m ready to turn them loose on the field.”

A week into practice, and the Blue Devils are putting what they have learned into their offensive and defensive sets.

Monday was one of the stronger practices for ECHS, according to Heaton.

Heaton said that things looked “solid” as his players went through each play.

He added that he hopes things look smooth during today’s practice as well.

“We had a solid day on Monday,” Heaton said. “There were very few mistakes, and the guys looked comfortable in running the offense and defense. Coming into Tuesday and Wednesday, I ijust want them looking good in their techniques.”

Defensively, the Blue Devils will work on perfecting their base plays.

Heaton said he wants to see his defense work hard and show what they have learned, and added a few extras might be thrown into the mix.

“We want to see guys flying to the ball,” Heaton said. “We will set up in our base defense a lot during the game, but we might use a couple of stunts. Mainly, we want them in the base defense, so they can read the offense and make plays. These kids like to get after it, and I’m ready to see them fly to the ball.”

On the offensive side of the ball, the Blue Devils will work with six or seven run plays as well as six or seven pass plays.

Heaton said those in attendance will see a little bit of everything.

“Offensively, we will have a power running game as well as play action,” Heaton said. “We are also going to open it up though and put three, four or five guys wide.”

Heaton’s goal for the spring game is to have his team work together, and also get a good look at what does and does not work.

“I want the guys playing hard as a team,” Heaton said. “We want to go out there and win, we will play to win. Another big thing is getting a good look at what we have, so we can evaluate and make changes if they are needed.”

As for the Blue Devils’ opponent, Heaton said he knows what they will see from Robertsdale.

“We think they will line up in a 4-3 defense and a spread offense,” Heaton said. “Coach (Kyle) Davis is running the offense down there this spring, so we have a pretty good idea of what we will see. I spoke to coach Phelps and told him what we were working on. I think it’s a common courtesy for a spring game to talk about it because you only have nine days to get your team together for that game.”

The Blue Devils and Bears play in Robertsdale Friday at 7 p.m.