City mulling street resurfacing project

Published 9:57 am Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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The Atmore City Council is mulling over a street resurfacing project that will improve portions of 19 different streets in the city.

The city council met in a workshop Monday prior to the regularly scheduled meeting to discuss the project, which will cost approximately $2.4 million.

The portions of streets, along with cost include McRae Street ($55,000), 14th Avenue ($25,000), South Carney Street ($170,000), South Trammell Street ($230,000), West Horner Street ($68,000), East Horner Street ($325,000), 6th Avenue ($16,000), Ridgeley Street ($270,000), Brown Street ($70,000), West Ashley Street ($25,000), East Ashley Street ($170,000), Harris Street ($160,000), Robinson Street ($16,000), Swift Mill Road ($220,000), Bream Street ($40,000), Perch Street ($40,000), South Pensacola Avenue ($285,000), West Oak Street ($42,000), West Louisville Avenue ($23,000), Peachtree Street ($70,000) and Carpet Drive ($78,000).

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Mayor Jim Staff said Carpet Drive and Swift Mill Road have to be done given the amount of truck traffic.

A question was asked how the city is going to pay for the street resurfacing project.

City Economic Planner and Grants Writer Chris Walker said there are a few ways to pay for the project.

Walker said one way is to either do a stand alone loan for the amount of the paving, another is going through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and doing a community facilities loan, which will consolidate the street building loan for the amount or speaking with someone concerning a bond issue to see if the interest rates would be lower than he could get through the USDA.

“I’ll have to look at this from a debt service standpoint to see what’s feasible and what interest rates we currently have now and what I can get in the open market,” Walker said. “Once you decide you’re going to move forward into it, then that’s when I can take a deep dive into this.”

Walker said the prices listed above don’t include engineering fees, and can be included in the USDA loan they’re considering.

Walker will present his findings at the next city council meeting, where council members will vote on the street-resurfacing project. He was working on this issue Tuesday morning.

The next city council meeting is Mon., Sept. 26, at 4 p.m.