Tragedy must not be forgotten by Americans

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, September 12, 2001

By Staff
The tragedy that struck our country and our way of lives Tuesday morning was the greatest catastrophe our county has faced in the lifetimes of many Americans.
As of this printing, there is only speculation about how many people will end up dead as a result of Tuesday's events, but experts say that the number will be in the thousands.
A symbol of capitalism, of our democracy, and of our Republic, the World Trade Center stood as the world's preeminent place of commerce until two hijacked aircraft plunged into the building causing its twin towers to come crashing down onto what some believe will be thousands of people.
A few hundred miles south, the Pentagon, the epicenter of U.S. intelligence and military might was struck by a single aircraft, also killing untold masses.
In a single day, terrorists flying three planes caused as much carnage as Americans witnessed nearly 60 years ago when Japanese planes attacked an American naval base at Pearl Harbor.
The attack marked the greatest terrorist attack in our country's history, and Tuesday afternoon, there was still speculation as to what group could have committed such an atrocity.
One thing is certain, America lived another sad, tragic day of history Tuesday, September 11, 2001, when the fabric of democracy, freedom and the American way of life was attacked by unknown assailants.
So what is this all about? Only when we know who committed the crime will we be able to come to an understanding of why so many people had to die yesterday in what seemed to be a senseless terrorist attack against our country.
The moment we lived was history. Tragedy. Terror.
No words we can express can give hope to the suffering thousands who lost their loved ones and no words of encouragement or sympathy seem to be enough to ease the sharp edge of suffering that is cutting into so many Americans.
But remember what happened yesterday. Remember where you were. Who told you about it. What you did next.
It was another "day that will live in infamy" in American history.
Don't forget it and don't let its lessons be forgotten. Our country will change forever because of what happened Tuesday. Our way of life will change. From airport security measures that we will be forced to suffer through to the inconvenience of losing our ability to trade stocks and bonds for likely what will be a short period of time, we will see change in our country, our policies and ultimately in our lives.
Say a prayer for the suffering thousands. Be patient with the disruptions you will face. But most of all, remember what happened on September 11, 2001.

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