Enjoying wedding planning

Published 7:27 pm Wednesday, January 30, 2008

By By Adrienne McKenzie
More than likely I had a lot of people scared by the headline of my column ‘Enjoying wedding planning.’ There is no need to fear because I am not engaged. But, I did attend an event this weekend that made me think about wedding planning and how much work must go into that special day.
While visiting the Garden Gallery Sunday for their first ever Floral and Rental Expo, I saw many magnificent rental pieces and floral arrangements that I definitely would not mind having at my wedding if I ever tie the knot.
Apparently preparing for a wedding can be a very stressful time. I would not know since I have never gotten married, but I have heard stories about pre-wedding tears and the need for anxiety medication.
But, Garden Gallery co-owner Cathy Coley can help make preparing for your wedding a little bit more peaceful. She is incredibly sweet and it is obvious that she loves her job, which means she has got to be good at it.
The items Mrs. Cathy had on display at Sunday’s expo were amazing. There were beautiful candelabras, cake stands and floral arrangements everywhere. Mrs. Cathy and her husband, Danny, along with Clint and Susan Smith co-own the Garden Gallery and I must say that whoever had their hands in Sunday’s event went the extra mile.
There was food galore catered by Tammy Lowrey of Uriah and her daughter Maegan Nichols. And a cute idea was to actually have both a bride and groom cake for guests to snack on.
The bride’s cake was made by Heavenly Delight while Rhecy Currie of Atmore made the groom’s cake.
All the food looked absolutely delicious, unfortunately I’m trying to stick with my New Year’s Resolution so I refused to touch any of it. I almost gave in to the cakes because I love cake with a passion, but I refrained.
But, back to the event.
Mrs. Cathy said there were 19 brides-to-be in attendance and more than 70 people showed up altogether. The 19 brides-to-be had the opportunity to register for a $100 gift certificate to be used on floral arrangements or rentals for her special day.
Victoria Roach of McDavid, Fla. won the gift certificate and apparently she was extremely excited about the big win because when Mrs. Cathy called to inform her, all she heard were shouts of joy.
I went to visit Mrs. Cathy for some final information about Sunday’s event and I told her that seeing all the wedding accessories almost made me want to get married!
But, considering I am not planning on getting married anytime soon, I just had to look at all the pretty things and dream about the day that I do get hitched.
For all you brides-to-be, I hope your wedding planning is a breeze and that all your wedding day wishes come true.
For all you future grooms, I suggest letting your bride-to-be have whatever she wants for your wedding day. If you don’t you may have a ‘Bridezilla’ on your hands and starting a marriage off with a ‘Bridezilla’ is probably not a good idea.
For tips on how to make your wedding day a truly special one, check out the Advance’s Bridal Guide 2008, which can be found inside today’s paper.
Adrienne McKenzie is a staff reporter for The Atmore Advance. She can be reached at 368-2123 or via email at lifestyles@atmoreadvance.com

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