Letter to the Editor

Published 1:23 pm Wednesday, August 6, 2008

By Staff
Visitor commends Atmore’s generosity
I wish I had been a tourist, but I was attending a church meeting in Century, Fla. and found myself staying at a hotel in the City of Atmore and commuting back-and-forth. So really, I slept and had breakfast in Atmore and did a little shopping for necessities there - that was all.
I just feel that someone should know that the people of Atmore were most kind, considerate and friendly beyond my expectations, always a friendly “hello,” and a smile.
The hospitable attitude was so genuine and that I had to make a mental note of it. I thought to myself “…these people sure are friendly.”
I did look for an Atmore publication because I so appreciated the attitude that I wanted to thank someone. Never did find a publication, so when I got home, I thought I would just write the Chamber of Commerce and thank them.
So please, get the word out to the fine people of Atmore. I’m not an important person, just a happy visitor, and I just want to say “Thanks!”
Barbara West
Key West, Fla.

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