FNB&T "Points Club" returns

Published 5:40 pm Friday, September 5, 2008

By By Chandler Myers
Coaches need to gear up their offenses and put points on the scoreboard to earn money for their schools.
First National Bank &Trust is preparing to begin its second year of giving money back to area schools by resuming its "Points Club."
First National Bank &Trust vice president Rene" Godwin said the club is designed to reward football players and coaches for all the hard work they put into their seasons.
"This is the second year for the club and it was the brainchild of our president, Shep Marsh," Godwin said. "It was really successful last season and we just find it is a great way to give back to the schools and athletic programs for all the work they do."
Last year, the program gave over $7000 to eight high schools, which include Escambia Academy, Escambia County, Northview, J.U. Blacksher, Monroe County, Monroe Academy, Frisco City and Excel, according to Godwin.
Godwin said the program applies only to home games including home playoff games if the teams make the postseason.
She added that the amount of money a team receives is based on the number of points earned and how they are scored.
"The FNB&T Points Club applies only to points scored at home and includes any playoff games that the teams might host," Godwin said. "How much money a team receives is based on the number of points they score and that is determined by how they score with touchdowns being worth $50 and field goals worth $25."
Each participating school will announce the information about the club at each before the kick-off and at halftime and will announce the total amount being donated at the end of the game, according to Godwin.
Godwin said that the club has been well received and that coaches seem to like the idea.
She added that last year's winner received over $1300.
"It has gone over real great with the coaches and athletic programs for each school and we hope to continue doing it," Godwin said. "Last year Northview came away the winner of the points club with $1300."

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